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We are a privately owned rental company. We opened our doors for business back in 2011, like any other business we started off small, only offering a few cars for rent. Now we have grown and offer over 20 Different vehicles available for rent through out NYC, everything from small sedans to SUVs and Mini-Vans.
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What makes us stand out from other rental companies? Being a smaller rental company, we are like a mom and pop store as opposed to large giants like Enterprise, Dollar Rental, and Averse. We work very close with our customers, you are not just another number here.

Our goal is to make every customer feel comfortable and confident renting from us, we sit down and take every customer through a step by step basis and explain every detail, we do not have "hidden fees or "fine print," we make sure our renter is fully comfortable and understands everything before anything signed. Our employee base is small, therefore all our employees get to know each customer one-on-one, there are no strangers here!

All our cars are serviced regularly, they are cleaned and washed after every rental, and personally test test driven to assure that the renter has a 100% car ready for the road. Being a small business we try to keep our expenses down, therefore way we can provide lower rates for customers.

We strive for quality not quantity.

Cars Available for Rent

Car Type Description
Compact Mazda 3 - compact size Mazda 3 (or similar)
Full Size Chevy Impala - standart size Chevy Impala (or similar)
Minivan Dodge Caravan - Minivan Dodge Caravan (or similar)
Mid-Sized SUV Mid-Sized SUV Toyota Highlander (or similar)

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